Friday, June 16, 2006

Information - Just In Time Delivery?

Much is made of supply chains now that work with "just in time delivery" vs. warehousing or stockpiling.

Many now argue that, as communication intensifies and access to information is uninhibited, paradoxically opinion-makers and decision-makers like elected officials, members of boards and commissions and others no longer "read." Many believe that, rather than staying current and building a body of knowledge upon which to hinge major decisions, the majority of opinion-makers and decision-makers rely instead on "just in time delivery" of information upon which to make decisions.

What’s wrong with that?

If true, I guess the benefit is saving time. But the risks seem staggering. If true, it would mean that incredibly important decisions are increasingly shaped only on the information and perspective available or presented at the moment of decision or controversy.

If true, it also means that opinion-makers and decision-makers could be easily buffeted by prevailing "winds" or "who’s asking" or "partisanship and divisiveness" and "ram it through" politics rather than what’s best for the long term or for the most people involved.

That’s truly chilling.

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