Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wow, That's a Lot!

I’m always amused that, whenever someone inquires how many staff it takes to run DCVB, they invariably respond with “wow, that’s a lot.” Compared with what? People in my job are used to a few people who will try to use that as a form of criticism. What they usually mean is, “I don’t have a clue what to say, so to sound like a critical thinker, I’ll blurt out – wow, that’s a lot."

But the fact is, most of us underestimate the human talent and resources it takes to do any type of job. We stroll through life thinking mail delivery, trash collection, custodial services, public safety, firefighting, utility pole work, home building... almost any job is much easier than it really is.

Then there’s the crowd that thinks there must be waste in every endeavor, so if we attack the number of staff doing the job, it’s a safe bet it will become more efficient.

Well guess what… it may drive up stock value, but it drives down productivity, morale, unity, teamwork….

We need to turn the tables. The next person who utters the remark, “wow, that’s a lot,” needs to hear an immediate chorus of: “What kind of comment is that?” “Do you think this happens by magic?” “What are you thinking?”

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