Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bull Puckey

Geez, I have a hard time getting into the daily routine of a blog. The pace things move and change in my work and life is unbelievable, at least to me.

I love this work. For more than 30 years, it has been so much fun, and it’s as much today as it was at the beginning. One thing isn’t fun. That’s explaining things over and over to the same people. I used to take full responsibility, since communication doesn’t take place until its two-way, right? Wrong. Many people don’t read or listen. Instead, they are either crisis/adrenaline junkies… or they expect people to spoon feed them (a weird type of “just in time” delivery). Or, they have an agenda and, rather than communicate directly, they just keep asking the same questions until they get their way.

I say a new “rule of communication” be established, and that’s to call “bull-puckey” (not exactly the way we said it in Idaho) and save all the time these people cost…. Maybe if we insisted they do their job, they wouldn’t have time to play with people’s heads.

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Anonymous said...

I too love the art of marketing and communications. My work involves getting people to understand health and human service issues facing our region. Tough work when we're constantly bombarded with the issue of the day. You've done a good job of being consistent and continuing to push for clarity so people understand the value of Durham and its rich history. Keep it up. Its worth the effort.