Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's a Wonder People Travel

A University of Michigan Customer Satisfaction Rating just found that airlines are more unpopular than the IRS. It's not all their fault… just the other week I got back from attending a Board meeting down between Pensacola and Mobile. While air travel involves only 9% of total domestic person-trips (165 million person-trips), it's a bummer right now.

It isn't because people aren't trying hard. The Delta crews were almost perfect on references to RDU rather than truncating it to Raleigh.

It's the logistics involved. Drive to the airport, long-term parking, schlep to the counter, checking bags, running the gauntlet through security, cueing up at the gate for boarding, boarding, transfer from one concourse to another for connecting flights, getting bags and a rental car, driving to the venue. And then it's all over again on the way back.

The flights themselves were flawless. But the overall reality of air travel is enough to make even the most extraverted, ADHD, can't-sit-still, gotta-go-gotta-go traveler, stay home.

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