Thursday, June 07, 2007

Accreditation Process Is Well Worth the Effort

Top-to-bottom organizational introspection is exhausting but well worth it in the end. DCVB just received accreditation by the independent Destination Marketing Accreditation Program. It took months to prepare and about 100 hours of staff time. This measured DCVB against the highest standards and best practices for community marketing.

A few years ago, we volunteered to undergo a yearlong diagnostic as well. Both processes are worth it because you see where you’re truly excelling and more importantly where you can improve or close some gaps. I don’t blame DMOs for not undergoing this scrutiny, but personally I find it not only invigorating but reassuring.

I would encourage any organization to seize the opportunity to go through the process. While many will not be accredited, it’s still the best feedback you can get.

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