Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bob Klaus Knows How to Leverage a DMO

I met Bob years ago when he operated an entertainment complex in a competing destination community. I was always impressed. I was even more impressed years ago when we were part of a team discussing a new entertainment complex in Durham.

That didn’t come to pass... but a smaller theater did, and Bob was retained first as consultant and then manager by the operating team of PFM (Professional Facilities Management) and Nederlander. Anyone who knows theaters knows these companies.

From day one, I’ve been intrigued at how easily and well Bob knows how to leverage resources from DCVB, yet always graciously and always generous to acknowledge teamwork and a “two-way street.”

We have extraordinary stakeholders. I can easily identify a “Bob” or two in every industry in the tourism sector. And I wish I could clone each of these people or migrate their innate understanding of what DCVB does and the services and intelligence and benefits each of our stakeholders in Durham can leverage.

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