Tuesday, November 04, 2008


As if it isn’t hard enough for Durham residents to hear ourselves think with 3 of 5 jobs held by non-resident commuters, we’ve had this nutty Raleigh operative running around spinning fabrications about the meals tax referendum under the guise of “Durham citizens.”

Now a guy from Apex, NC has launched a website under the guise of “Durham” residents to oppose a world famed sculpture being installed here.

What gives? Is this the result of regionalism…that people in other communities think they have a right to interfere in Durham’s business? I don’t think so. My theory is it is the result of people who only work here believing they have standing. I guess we should be flattered by the attention.

But if they want to have an opinion that really counts, they should move here, pay property taxes and register to vote. Or if not, back off and get out of our face. Durham is an activist community and we’re perfectly capable of holding vigorous debates on issues without outside interference.


Ross Grady said...

Reyn, both Kevin & Barry have acknowledged that they were mistaken when they accused the anti-light-polluting-sculpture website of pretending to be from Durham. Why are you still trying to perpetuate this falsehood?

Chris Waldrup, one of the folks behind that website, posted to Kevin's blog: "The "operation funded by the citizens of Durham NC" does refer to the sculpture, not the web site.
Again, we are not against the sculpture, just the light beam that can be seen for miles. To the person who asked how the light from Durham will affect Raleigh or Apex, it will. As mentioned on WRAL news, the beam from the 7000 watt light source will be seen for miles. So Durham's light will be seen by many local communities which might not wish to have their skies ruined."

I'm normally 100% behind you in your attempts to differentiate Durham, and to fight for our right to run our own affairs. But in this case, I think the out-of-town protesters have a valid point: they're going to feel the effects of this massive light-beam.

Considering how often you write about decisions made in other counties which have a negative effect on Durham, surely you can at least acknowledge that they have a right to speak up?

Anonymous said...

Well, looking at the prepared food tax results it appears that once again, outsiders got Durhamites to see what THEY wanted and not what is best for Durham. I know a lot of ppl, including DCVB, have worked for years on this issue. it is unfortunate that dis-information prevented us from helping our own city.
Some don't always agree with your policies or tactics but no one can deny your passion and single-focus devotion for Durham.
Keep up the good fight!