Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Like any destination marketing organization should, DCVB puts a lot of time into inventorying each of Durham’s 3,000+ visitor-related organizations, and then making sure each one is coded to update databases that in turn populate publications, and more importantly websites, both DCVB’s and ones we gate-keep.

Whenever a new restaurant opens, like Revolution just did, downtown on Main Street, we’re keen to pick up on all aspects, including whether there will be private meeting space.

Conventions, meetings, reunions, weddings and other types of visitors, often hold what are called off-site meetings. So for example, a restaurant will private meeting space will be coded not only to “places to eat” but also “alternative” or “unique” meeting spaces.

A recent annual study of the members of PCMA or “Professional Convention Management Association” revealed the following about facilities used to host off-site functions:

  • Restaurants 59%
  • Museums 39%
  • Theaters 17%
  • Parks 12%

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