Monday, March 23, 2009

5 Secrets to Creativity

You might think I’m a fan of books like Crucial Confrontations, etc., because I graduated from Brigham Young University and the authors have connections to that school.

But only years after DCVB adopted these books as self-help primers for all new employees did I realize the BYU connection.

Dr. Kerry Patterson’s time as a student at BYU overlapped with mine but I don’t believe we ever met.

I do know that we both had the privilege of knowing and witnessing one of the pioneers of organizational behavior. Dr. Bill Dyer headed what at that time was the Department of Organizational Behavior. Another professor who taught in that department was Stephen Covey.

DCVB I’m told has a reputation as innovative and creative and that’s a compliment. We strive to be innovative by improving on things at the margins.

But Dr. Patterson in the eNews called Crucial Skills does a great job of demystified creativity.with these 5 keys.


Woody Holliman said...

Good tips!! They correspond quite well to our creative process here at Flywheel Design (a 10-person graphic design shop in downtown Durham). We sometimes refer to divergent vs. convergent thinking to ensure that we maintain a playful, non-judgmental attitude in the initial phase of our brainstorming. Our mantra is "Quality through Quantity." We typically have to generate 24-36 logotype concepts for every 3 we plan to show the client.

By the way, Reyn, do you know about our blog?

Reyn said...

Thanks for the link to your blog Woody. I had missed it somehow. I'm going to put a link on ours and also post it in Durham News Service as an option. Let me know if that's a problem.