Thursday, January 06, 2011

Internet Overtakes TV as News Source

For adults under 30 years of age, the Internet has eclipsed television in 2010 as the source for national and international news according to the updated study released Tuesday by the Pew Center.  Within a few years it is projected the web will become the most common  source of news for anyone under 50.pew-research-news-sources-2001-10-jan11

Cable news networks and Broadcast network news continued a general decline down to 36% and 22% of news consumers respectively.  Local television news at 16% is even with where it performed in 2002.

Pew working with the Poynter Institute also conducted an excellent analysis of advertising revenue broken down by medium.

To read Pew’s overview click on this link.

For a quick summary click on this link.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Reyn, Your Herald-Sun guest column on Wed. about the "economic summit in Raleigh." which was really in Durham, was quite interesting, and I appreciated that you informed us of this issue. Where can I find out which Raleigh based state associations hosted the North Carolina Economics Forum and also find first-hand examples of how the hosts and the newsmedia misinformed people about the location of the forum?

Rod Gerwe