Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Groups like the Coalition to Unchain Dogs are what make Durham great. They canvas neighborhoods to identify where dogs are being chained and then work with owners on alternative solutions, including in some cases, building a fence. You can get a view on YouTube.

As “creative class” guru Dr. Richard Florida recently commented in an interview with Trendburo, “Rather than spending money on large projects such as an opera house or soccer stadium, to create a physical identity, communities should concentrate on the local initiatives already taking place that embody the community’s identity, tolerance, diversity and creativity.”

I think he had initiatives like CTUD in mind.

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Compassion Please said...

Thank you so much for including the Coalition to Unchain Dogs in your blog. I agree that it is definitely one of the things that makes Durham great. Anyone who cares about the welfare of dogs and/or cares about Durham should visit the Coalition's website at