Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Testament to Resilience of Durham's Brand

A true testament to the resilience of Durham’s innate brand is its ability to persevere through confusing and inaccurate attributions.

For the Nth time this week, we had to alert the newspaper in nearby Raleigh that Burt’s Bees is in Durham, not Morrisville, a little town between Durham and Raleigh. The reporter made the mistake of assuming postal service delivery designations conform with physical location; they don’t, but don’t get me on how “nuts” that is.

The NYC-based PR official for the company also made that mistaken assumption. It is tough enough to embed, protect and promote a community’s brand without it being convoluted by a Federal agency.

Speaking of Federal officials, also this week an Image Watcher related an eNews from North Carolina Congressman Robin Hayes noting the N.C. School of Science and Math in Raleigh. Actually, since its founding, NCSSM has been right here in Durham, N.C.

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