Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Future When Everyone Will Know Everything

Friend and fellow blogger, Bill Geist recently introduced me recently to another blog I’ve found entertaining and useful. Bill does that a lot. He puts more people together with more information than anyone I know.

Bill shared with me the blog by Jason Baer, a social media consultant whose recent blog on a future when everyone will know everything (thanks to Google and Wikipedia, etc.) was fascinating. Here is a great quote:

"It strikes me as both exhilarating and terrifying that my children...will live in an age when everything is knowable. No conjecture. No mysteries...Doesn’t the balance of power shift from those that know stuff through study or experience, to those that don’t need to know, but know where to look?"
Jason Baer

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Jay Baer said...

Reyn -

Thanks very much to you and Bill for the shout out. Very much appreciated. I've bookmarked your blog. All the best,