Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Interesting stuff from the ’09 Pew research on People and the Press

First a chart showing the percentage of Americans who think the press is accurate has dropped from 55% in ’85 to 29% now.

Much of that has to be driven by changes within the news media. With many fold more outlets chasing or retreading the same news…with cuts in editorial and repertorial staff…with the blur between entertainment and news….well none of those add up to more accuracy. I wonder what percentage think headlines are accurate? I’ll bet that’s even lower.

But equally interesting is the chart showing the gap between how partisan political groups perceive various news outlets. I have a progressive friend who purposely listens to ultra conservative talk shows just to see the other side of the story. Seek first to understand, now that’s a novel concept!

Apparently a lot of people just read and view what they want to hear. And we’re surprised we’re increasingly polarized?

It seems clear more Democrats overall are open to more and different types of news media and view a greater diversity of outlets favorably.

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