Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Trees and Sense of Place

I did a lot of riding this weekend in the rural, southern part of Orange County, e.g., Mt Sinai, Wakefield, NC 86, Turkey Farm, Old 10, etc. Amazing how the temperature would instantly vary when the trees were back a ways from the road.

Someone not so long ago mentioned something about trees that could be a threat to Durham’s sense of place. Apparently most of the trees out along the right of ways throughout Durham were planted about the same time, e.g., 50 years ago. And they are aging out, pretty much at the same time.

If I understood correctly, this is both an opportunity and a threat, as most are. Hopefully someone is working on the solution not just the problem and rolling out a plan for trees.

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Unknown said...

I do not understand why there is not a greater understanding and uproar over the effect tree clearing has on global warming (and local warming, too).I am blessed to live in a grove of beech and oak trees (and one outstanding sweet gum). Many are recognized as part of Capital Area Tree Preservation. The temperature at our home during the heat of the summer is a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the rest of tree-free Raleigh. We save on electricity, provide shelter for a varied wildlife, as well as give joy and repose to our own spirit. Every so often I write about my trees on my blog, often drawing parallels with life.
You are in a position to make a difference. Thanks for writing about this subject.