Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CNNMoney.com Gets It!

Kudos to CNNMoney.com for accuracy. After a week that I saw two other media outlets play fast and loose with the term “cities,” in rankings in actuality based on DMA’s or metros, then listing Durham by the airport name (there simply is no such place as Raleigh-Durham).

CNNMoney.com’s list is very refreshing. Not just because Durham NC is ranked 15th best mid-sized metro in which to launch a business.

But CNN actually referred to them as metros. They didn’t arbitrarily change it to cities. They didn’t substitute designated media areas and then term them cities. They didn’t substitute the airport name. They simply labeled it just as it was measured…MSA’s or metropolitan statistical areas.

They even went as far in an entry about Raleigh, a city to the south and east, to note that residents there benefit from a strong higher education system, including Duke University in Durham and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Imagine that, giving attribution to another city when talking about its assets.

CNNMoney.com ranks high for accuracy.

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