Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 Reasons DMO’s Aren’t Accredited

Hats off to the 100 Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) that have earned accreditation. But it is hard to fathom why some haven’t pursued this distinction. Here are 10 reasons that come to mind:
  1. Too “old school” to update to best practices.

  2. Misperceiving it as only for very small or very large DMO's.

  3. Disorganized and haven’t assigned someone to manage the project.

  4. Fearful of rejection rather than view it as a diagnostic to inform improvement.

  5. Too proud to ask for help or worried about revealing secrets.

  6. Overestimate the work involved or failure to view it as a process.

  7. Failure to grasp the importance as a signal of credibility.

  8. Cronies aren’t accredited either.

  9. Hoping to get in through the back door via who they know.

  10. Resistant to change…the old way has worked fine all these years.

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