Saturday, June 12, 2010

Okay, I Give In!

One of the troublesome things about the 24/7 news coverage is that individual editors, reporters and outlets don’t have a clue what a compressive effect they are having on this recovery.

Trying I guess to appear “objective” for the most part they try to hound each piece of good news with a “well but" and people eager to accommodate for 15 seconds of fame.double-dip

What they don’t get and so-called financial outlets like Marketplace may be the worst, is that this is all about confidence and they are trampling all over confidence by mongering fear.

So I give in, lets have a double dip recession and get it over with…or with they suddenly just shift to “triple dip.”

24/7 news is one thing very different today than in past recessions including the big one in the ‘30’s.  And it definitely from what I hear each day isn’t a good thing.

So maybe we need a requirement that any reporter, editor or news outlet have their own personal and organizational financial future indexed to what they do to “our” collective financial confidence.

Chilling you say?  To me it is still free press…but with the caveat, they be the first to feel pain of their collective harping.

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