Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Volunteerism – Reason To Believe In The Durham Brand

One of several scientifically distilled values inherent in the Durham NC brand is that it is a caring community. Not that “caring” is unique to Durham but that Durham’s character and the way it cares is distinct.volunteerism

A study of volunteerism by the Corporation for National Community Service seems to bear that out.

Durham with 33.3% of its population volunteering is second to Asheville at 36.5% among the State’s major cities but also higher than the National average at 26.5% and State Average at 26.6%.

Significantly, where Durham excels even more is in volunteer hours per resident at nearly 50, with Greensboro second at 40.2%, the Nation at 34.4% and the State overall at 30.6%

Below are links and details for NC’s largest cities:

US 26.5/34.4

North Carolina 26.6/30.6

Durham 33.3/49.4 per

Asheville 36.5/33.5

Winston-Salem 28.8/30.3

Charlotte 28.2/32.4

Fayetteville 27.2

Greensboro 27/40.2

Raleigh 23/24

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