Tuesday, October 05, 2010

We Had To Save The Banks BUT Deserve Justice From Bankers!

Okay, I’ve had enough with bankers.  I’m talking about the ones who got us into this mess and the ones retarding the recovery.

It’s about loaning money, stupid (to adapt a blast from the past!)

Until now, I was always a bit embarrassed that my parents and grandparents appeared to embrace whole-heartedly the adage not to trust bankers (if I remember correctly, they threw lawyers and doctors in as well) but I wrote it off to the Great Depression and thought those days were behind us.

Actually, over my lifetime, I’ve been impressed with many individuals who were and are bankers and have come to know several as very good friends.

I’m also very firmly persuaded that we had to bail-out some large financial institutions to avoid spiraling into depression and it worked.

However, I’m mad as hell and getting more and more angry by the day at:

  • Those bankers and other financial executives who got us into this mess,
  • Republicans who spearheaded deregulation,
  • Codependents and other enablers like academics and regulators,

I’ve never been drawn to revenge and more than wary of scapegoating.  Those things are better left for action-films.  But I’m a huge believer in “JUSTICE.”  I’m not talking Tea Party stuff.  It is becoming clear to me that’s just a manipulation for a power grab.

Watch the trailer for the new documentary, Inside Job and read reviews and interviews and see if you don’t agree that we need our own Nuremburg for the jerks who perpetrated this.  Thank you Charles Ferguson!

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