Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Saturday On The Cross Bones Via GoPro Hero HD

The GoPro Hero HD is every bit as cool as videos, advertisements and store displays promise and after using it this past weekend on a motorcycle ride, I can see lots of other uses.

  • The unit is very very small, less than 2” by 2”and comes with a variety of attachments. However several that are needed apparently must be purchased separately.  It can be attached on the side of the helmet, as I did this weekend for this video, or on the tank of the motorcycle with a suction device.


  • It is very lightweight, takes video or snapshots and has a waterproof case which means I can also attach it to an inner tube next summer and catch my grandsons as they dive from the dock intro the tube at increasing distances.


  • I can also see wearing it with an arm,  chest or head strap to capture other family events hands-free.  You can’t preview footage on the device like you can from much larger hand-held cameras but it easily uploads to a computer and into Movie Maker if you like or can be played directly through the TV.


  • There is a firmware update that wasn’t installed on mine that makes it easier (one button) to turn on and start.  But it is easy enough to start it before putting your helmet on and then editing out what you don’t want.   There are several versions but they appear to only vary in the ways they can be attached.

I think it is well worth the price.

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Randy said...

Thanks. Reminds me of my salat days when I had a scooter. Almost want another, until I remember what idiots are too many car drivers. (I'm sure you have your stories, too.) I sold mine mainly because I was too scared to ride anymore. Thanks also for the tune. Reminds me to get the latest Raul Malo album that came out in October. Or dig out some Roy Orbison records.