Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Chronicle of the Billboard Wars

Two fellow marketing professionals and friends of mine have produced a stunning new documentary entitled Chronicle of the Billboard Wars (click here or on the image in this blog to view a trailer.)

Ossian Or and Sandra Valle of award-winning DoubleOMedia, LLC traveled the country to produce the documentary film on behalf of Blightfighters, a project of Scenic Minnesota

Copies of the full documentary can be purchased for $5 or even less in quantities by clicking here.  This piece provides a snapshot of how residents in communities across the nation are fighting back to reclaim their privacy, their property values, their public health and the scenic character and sense of place of their neighborhoods, cities, towns and states.

The documentary is a must-see for neighborhood associations and councils, planning officials, community-destination marketing organizations, chambers of commerce, public administrators and elected officials as well as anyone generally unaware of just how desecrating and extreme outdoor billboard companies have become.

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