Monday, January 28, 2008

Court Watch

A friend of mine, Newman Aguiar, has significantly helped shape the current “information based” approach Durham is taking to dramatically reducing crime. I’m publishing the results of his Court Watch, which another friend, Matt Yarbrough, helped initiate several years ago.

The numbers below shed light on what Judge Bushfan and others are helping to address, and that is the very few people who commit a vast number of the crimes and appear to commit new crimes, while out on bail for others.

Active Watch List
2007 Summary Statistics
From 1/1/07 to 12/31/07

Number of individuals monitored: 448

Number booked at least once in 2007: 193 (43.08% of individuals monitored)

Number booked 2 or more times in 2007: 103 (53.37% of individuals booked)

Of the offenders booked 2 or more times:
  • 44 (42.72%) were booked between 3 to 5 times
  • 11 (10.68%) were booked 6 or more times
Individual with most bookings:
  • Bellamy, Kenneth
  • 16 bookings
Other Statistics for individuals with 2 or more bookings
  • Number of individuals with 2 or more bookings = 103
  • Total number of bookings = 337
  • Average number of bookings per individual = 3.27
  • Median number of bookings per individual = 3
  • Watch List compiled by Durham Police Department
  • Booking data obtained from JusticeXchange
The Durham Roundtable regularly monitors the booking activity of a group of individuals who are repeat offenders and who have a history of being involved in some the more serious crime in Durham. For current Active Watch List, click here.

Information on individual offenders can be viewed at the Department of Corrections website,

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