Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who Knew?

A couple of weeks ago I heard the term “rain harvesting” for the first time on a listserv. The Web quickly took me to a company in North Carolina that is one of the most recommended, and they have a source in Durham.

Within a few days, I had enough information for a 700-gallon system at home, perfect for hand-watering more than 100 shrubs and trees and a smidgeon of lawn. We’re also looking at a 5,600-gallon system at DCVB that would provide nearly 80,000 gallons a year for irrigation and help us promote Durham’s green reputation.

City water is still much less expensive, but drought or not, it just makes sense to move non-drinking uses to other sources.

But the point of this posting is how efficiently we can move now from learning a concept to practical implementation, thanks to the Web.

Last time we had a drought and I put in rain barrels, it poured, and I spent years bleeding them off. So getting a system now that requires less maintenance is a guarantee the lakes will be full soon.

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