Thursday, January 17, 2008

Geology Is Part of a Community's Brand

I’m learning that geology is part of a community’s unique brand. It differentiates or associates a community in many ways including water resources, landscape, appearance etc. But being nearby doesn’t mean communities share geology.

Durham, for instance, is on the Durham Triassic Basin that runs down to Sanford. Of course Research Triangle Park has this geology but so does Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Mostly to the south and east of Durham, some of Wake County and Raleigh are on what is called the Raleigh Belt, but a large part is on the Coastal Plain.

Orange County is largely on the Carolina Slate Belt, the same geology for much of the Piedmont.

This is part of the reason why communities can be proximate yet have very different issues for water, building etc.

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Raleigh alongside its neighboring counties that once featured mining towns are rich in history as well as geological hotspots.