Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dangerous Cultural Driving Habits

Okay, there are some crazy things that differentiate us as places.

In Idaho
growing up, it was incredible how many people would turn onto a two lane road where the speed limit was high and then putt putt up to speed….didn’t matter how far away you were when they did it, you had to slam on the brakes.

In Utah, where I went to college, drivers are even worse. They never know which way to turn….they are liable to turn right out of the left lane as they are left….

In Washington State, at least Eastern Washington, drivers are incredible polite. But when they turn onto a street, they require about a mile of open space….

In Alaska, where I lived in the ‘80’s, drivers would hug the center line. Kind of a form of playing “chicken” or fear the borrow pit at the edge of the side of road will be “into the wild.”

But in North Carolina, my adopted home the last 19 years, we top it all. Drivers here come to a full halt in the middle of the street and then turn ever so slowly into a driveway or parking lot. No matter how you gauge your speed to make sure they are out of the way, you’re always at risk. Not only do they turn slowly they are just as liable to stop several times during the turn. Drives me crazy. Maybe people forget the car extends back from the driver’s seat…or maybe they read the rule wrong and believe they are supposed to create as much interference with traffic as possible.

It is a wonder road rage isn’t epidemic.

Our parking lot entries are as good as anywhere in the country…for goodness sakes lets be considerate of traffic and get the heck out of the roadway as quickly as possible. Everyone is afraid to honk the horn…people might throw it in reverse and back – back out on to the street.

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