Thursday, May 08, 2008

Feedback Surveys

It is often difficult to get people to fill out comment cards and surveys at the end of an event like the Annual Tribute Luncheon (ATL). People are rushing to catch someone or to share the excitement of the event.

And it is always more difficult to get someone positive to fill one out than it is someone negative.

But the ATL succeeded on both counts. More than a third of the audience filled out the cards. And of the several hundred surveys, they were positive by a ratio of 90 to 1. In fact, only two people gave negative replies to the question about whether or not the event left them feeling energized about Durham.

The biggest complaint I foresaw, because I did a double-take as well. The chicken was meant to be room temperature on purpose. One person complained it was served late, which is odd because it was “pre-set.”

Valuable feedback nonetheless.

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