Monday, December 29, 2008

Driven By Visionaries,
Dominated By Innovation And
Fueled By The Promise Of Something New

In the past couple of weeks, there have been two great examples that the “overarching Durham brand,” distilled a couple of years ago, continues to resonate far beyond the wildest expectations.

Just as significant as the adoption by hundreds of organizations and businesses throughout Durham, were remarks by Jim Goodmon, owner of the Durham Bulls and the key developer of the American Tobacco Historic District, during an event marking the opening of the Durham Performing Arts Center. He incorporated a number of brand values (creative, entrepreneurial, etc.), in his description of Durham. Knowing Jim, it is because those values truly resonate in his perception of his adopted community.

Now comes a description in the January/February issue of North Carolina Signature Magazine, published by Bernie Mann out of Greensboro, that captures the essence of the brand as well.

In a wonderfully written article on Downtown Durham by Elizabeth Shugg, comes this quote tying together Durham brand values in common over 160+ years:

“With its tobacco manufacturing days behind it, downtown Durham throws open the doors to its future in much the same way that defined its past – driven by visionaries, dominated by innovation and fueled by the promise of something new.”

Again, Durham-specific values documented in the brand manual.

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