Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Who knows what was really behind the block Republican Senators from Southern states reportedly put on the bridge loan for American automobile manufacturers.

But it drew to mind the continuing disparity, if not double standard, in economic development between the incentives prevalent for new or relocating businesses vs. preserving and growing existing business. A dichotomy for which leaders here in Durham are exploring a balance.

Yes, it seems hypocritical if Senators from states that gave billions in incentives to draw foreign automobile manufacturers put the kibosh on a simple bridge loan to retain and grow domestic manufacturers. It doesn’t take a genius to see that if it works for one, it works for the other. And if it is so risky for one, why it is working so well for the other?

It is also hypocritical if this was all about union vs. non-union at a time when we’re crying out as a nation for non-partisanship, at a time when we need to pull more than ever.

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