Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Wes Brewer was passionate about Durham. After a long career selling books to libraries, he retired and came to DCVB as a volunteer, what we now call WayFinders.

On behalf of DCVB and Durham, he staffed registration and hospitality/information desks for big conventions and special or annual events when he wasn’t holding his regular shift in the Durham Visitor Information Center.

In his 10+ years at DCVB, Wes would always stop me as I came through the Center and tell me his most recent experience with a visitor or something we should read and address that was inaccurate or defamatory about Durham.

Wes died last week after a very sudden illness. He was overtaken by cancer at age 78. It is people like Wes that fill my memories of what is so special about Durham. I’m sure he’s still watching out for his hometown and I expect one way or another he’ll still inspire those of us who do the same.

Below are just a handful of the comments received about Wes during his tenure at DCVB:

“[DCVB’s Bull City Backer] Wesley S. Brewer was great! Everyone on the tour really enjoyed his humor, knowledge, and all the details he put into making the tour extremely successful!”
Glenn McDonald,
Escort Prince William County Bluebird Tours (Manassas, VA)

"Thanks very much for sending [DCVB volunteer] Wes [Brewer] to help with registration."
Marie Long,
Meetings More, with regard to the NC Small Grain, Corn and Soybean Association conference

"You sent us Wes Brewer, one of your volunteers who greeted our guests, provided them the symposium materials and answered their questions. He was an excellent representative of your office and of Durham. Symposium materials and answered their questions. He was an excellent representative of your office and of Durham.
Jeff Sturkey,
Logistics and Events Coordinator NESCent

"I would like thank you for the delightful service rendered to our delegates and advisor…by your volunteer, Wes Brewer. His knowledge of the area combined with his delightful personality made him a welcome addition to our "local information area."
Kathy Tinsley,
Senior Advisor, N4CSGA

NC Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association “Your services were most helpful. [DCVB volunteer] Wes Brewer, who served the Southern Association of Pre-Law Advisors (SAPLA), was excellent.”
Howell Smith,
Meeting Planner SAPLA Conference

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