Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Animals Benefitting from People Drugs

My English Bulldog #1, Toady, has dementia and takes medication they give Alzheimer patients.

I’ve witnessed Alzheimer’s up front. My Step Father had it for 10 years before passing.

The treatment has done wonders for Toady who is very old by Bulldog standards and has already had 9 lives.

Before the treatment, and still now when the drug wears off, she’s cranky, has a lost look in her eyes, fearful and doesn’t have a clue who I am or what I’m asking her to do.

When she has the drug, she has a sparkle in her eye, she’s attentive and affectionate. This is the second time Toady’s been rescued by a drug first designed for people. She has to take one that was developed for asthmatics.

I think of Toad when I hear people discuss non-harmful animal testing. Lots of opinions on both sides of that discussion but you can see how in Toad's opinion, the benefits go both ways.

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