Monday, July 20, 2009

Tank Art

At DCVB, we have a custom of honoring anniversaries each month at a staff meeting we call Remarkabulls. Knowing Harley-Davidson’s penchant for custom art on fuel tanks, the staff recognized my 20th anniversary at DCVB by mocking up a tank for H-D featuring the overarching Durham brand signature.

Looks perfect to me.

Who’s counting, but this anniversary marked 36 years in destination marketing for me; two at BYU in the then office of tours and conferences, 5 in Spokane, 9 + in Anchorage and 20 in Durham.

In a little under 6 months when I retire, I’ll write a book, jump start a think tank, write some family histories, get deeper into genealogy, take my English Bull Dogs for walks (one anyway,) dial up my photography and ride the heck out that motorcycle.

But I know I’ll greatly miss the challenges of destination marketing and just going to work at DCVB every morning trying to play a small part in promoting and defending the Durham brand. Actually, for those who know me, I’ll never stop fighting for Durham.

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