Friday, July 17, 2009

Stop The Whining About Communication Overload!

Why do some people constantly whine about the amount of communication they receive? It isn’t just about email or computers. The same people complained about hard copy inboxes, snail mail, appointments and telephone traffic long before email and voice mail, etc. They even also complained about copy machines creating more to read.

Maybe they just like to complain, or maybe the complaints are meant to convey how hard they are working, or perhaps they need to drop out.

Whatever it is, insisting on being spoon fed rather than reading, demanding face time or telephone time for things that are now rapidly and effectively exchange via email or IM or text messaging….well it’s just gumming up the works for vast majority of people who appear to see communication as something that can move much more quickly and should.

There are ways to live without any communication…that’s called being a hermit.

Yes the world is going faster and faster. And we’re blessed with tools to help manage that.

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