Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Does DCVB Produce the Crime Comparative?

Each year when DCVB produces the crime comparative, I get asked, “Why is the visitors bureau involved?” Others, not so subtly insinuate that DCVB has an agenda because the bureau is Durham's marketing agency.

That’s okay, many people come from a very dated stereotype of marketing as manipulative and use the term almost in the pejorative. They haven’t been exposed to best practice marketing and the ways marketing decisions are made.

First, why DCVB creates the chart is easy to answer:
  • DCVB first suggested as part of the Crime Cabinet as a means to put crime in perspective.

  • Because DCVB is proficient in benchmarking and performing indicators, Durham Police Department reached out to partner on the comparative. The bureau also knows how to present information.

  • DCVB is facilitator for the 19 organization Durham Public Information Council, which is in the best the position to utilize the information.

  • DCVB also directly needed the information for orientations for non-residents working in Durham, human resource executives, real estate professionals and newcomers who predominately experience a community first as a leisure visitor or conventioneer, meeting and events planners and of course visitors in general.
So how are marketing decisions made and why are community marketing organizations a trusted source:
  • Marketing is best when its information and customer-driven, not product driven.

  • Marketing is a way to help people make decisions, not do missionary work.

  • Marketing is all about perspective and balance, not promoting/withholding.

  • Marketing is about communications, two-way.
So you see, DCVB is a natural choice to pull the information together? Actually, DCVB started the project expecting other messengers to pick it up but it has always fallen back to us. And we’re pleased to do it and glad so many people understand its value.

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