Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just What Does Your State Do Best?

When I first moved to Durham, people frequently asked where I was born and when my answer was Idaho, they invariably responded “oh, where they grow all of the corn.”  Even in the Southeast I guess we sometimes picture the world like that famous 1976  illustration for the cover of New Yorker Magazine.  I would respond, “wrong ‘I’ state,” I’m from the one much farther west and north and famous for another vegetable.

A good friend is from Iowa and we always kid that all of the “I” states are stereotyped by a vegetable.  Even though many of mine were already challenged during a 6,000-mile road trip last fall (my first such trek,)  a recent 1BOG (One Block Off The Grid) illustration-blog shatters the stereotypes we all seem to have about various states, except the one most people hold about Iowa.  I’m sorry Harvey, I guess “God’s Country” just didn’t make the cut.Capture

The infographic (only part of which is shown in the image I included with this blog) is entitled Just What Does Your State Do Best.

Check out North Carolina.  Seems I can’t get away from the potato thing.  As a bonus, a smiley, neutral or frowny face rates each state’s energy policies.  Very fun graphic and full of new information.

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