Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Durham Spawns Another Innovation for DMOs

Another “best practice” popped up last week on the Durham News Service.  Durham’s community/destination marketing organization (DMO) teamed with iApplicants to launch www.durhamhospitalityjobs.com .durham_logo-771812[3]

There are more than 3,000 visitor-related organizations in Durham ranging from museums, theaters, sports clubs, retail stores, transportation companies, restaurants, lodging properties and many others.  Besides customers, these disparate organizations have something else in common, the need fill more than 10,000 jobs.

DCVB first teamed with iApplicants several years ago to develop a highly efficient and effective means of managing its screening and hiring process for jobs related to official community marketing agencies.  Now it is has collaborated on a process that will be rolled out to other DMO’s as a means to help their constituents.

DCVB forged the new tool in response to visitor-related organizations that wanted a centralized and destination-branded location to post openings.  But the new tool also makes it much easier to process and manage the application process.

Durham visitor-related organizations and businesses can also specifiy which, if any, other job boards (like Craigslist or Jobster) should post the listing on www.durhamhospitalityjobs.com.

DCVB continues to be widely recognized for innovations such as this. Obviously innovation is fully embedded in the organizational culture and representative of one of Durham’s distinct personality traits.

For more information on how the DMO for your community can partner with iApplicants, email DCVB at hr@durham-cvb.com .

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