Thursday, April 07, 2011

Maybe Anger Just Loves Company

Maybe Republicans aren’t banking on votes from Independents to stay in control of elected offices.

They are obviously going after labor unions to neutralize one of the few remaining counterweight to the torrent of unlimited and anonymous corporate campaign financing unleashed by the presumably non-partisan Supreme Court under the guise that corporations are guaranteed free

Now it appears they want to disenfranchise the “youth” vote as illustrated in the infographic linked here and shown to the right (click enlarge.)

Come on! Maybe Republicans like Representative Paul Ryan are the few self-confident, thoughtful adults left in that room.

This is embarrassing for anyone hoping that politics will regain moderation and return to a focus on governance vs. ideological power-mongering. Because these antics will ultimately guarantee another severe swing of the pendulum.

If the Walmart hippies (a term coined by Conservative David Brooks to describe the Tea Party) thought reforming healthcare insurance was over the top, wait till you see the backlash to crap like this.

Maybe anger just loves company!

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