Monday, May 07, 2012

Clear Cutting Raleigh!

Even though the only hearing on the matter occurred right there, Raleigh, North Carolina has seemed oblivious to the legislation that was rammed through the state legislature which led to regulations permitting outdoor bill companies to not only double the cut zone but “clear cut” with no requirement to be selective or to replant or to pay for the public property destroyed while, at the same time, ignoring local ordinances and values.

My guess is that a little hubris may be involved.  Raleigh is accustomed to favored treatment as North Carolina’s capitol city such as the concentration of nearly every state museum and much better roadside maintenance from NCDOT.  So residents in the City of Oaks may be incredulous to see what is captured by the images below.

No sensitivity was given to soil erosion, or the over-story needed to protect sensitive trees like dogwoods, which is the state tree after all, or to storm water retention, carbon sequestration, aesthetics or the state constitution or the wishes of 9 out of 10 North Carolinians.

All of this sacrificed just in case anyone is still unaware of Blue Bell Ice Cream.  Dial 1-800-327-8135 and press 3 to tell Texas-based Blue Bell corporate offices to stop desecrating North Carolina communities such as Raleigh.

Calling the offending billboard company won’t do any good – they are out delivering campaign contributions to legislators. But you can click here to “like” Scenic NC on Facebook and stand up for North Carolina’s scenic character.

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