Sunday, May 02, 2010

300 + Motorcycles

My first group ride was a big one, at least for me.  Six bikes met at Rick’s Diner this morning for breakfast and then headed down 751 along Jordon Lake for the start of the Triangle Ride for Kids to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.Triangle Ride for Kids 1

We ended up in the middle and 300 bikes (all sizes, makes and years) is how many I counted before we rolled out.  Probably 100 miles total and it obviously took a lot out of me I napped for an hour…well maybe more.  Quite a site and sound and I hope we raised more than the $150,000+ plus last year.  Didn’t hear.

Don’t know if it was allergies or my introvert self getting the life sucked out of me by so many people.  But I learned a lot.  I know how now.  And I’ll stick with solo, passenger and small group rides.  Year 1 has nearly passed and I put 1800 miles down.

BTW, you’re right if you’re thinking that Victory in the foreground is dressed up as a Dragon, head and all.

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