Saturday, May 01, 2010

Digitalizing Family Photographs

I tried scanning more than 100 family photographs back in the late ‘90’s. They were okay. I love taking photographs but I also greatly value the people, memories and artifacts they capture.

But over the months since I retired, I went with a company called Scan Cafe. First they scanned over 2,100 prints, slides and negatives, many of which had never been seen and many going back into the 1800’s. Reyn's 124

I don’t have them back yet but I can see their work online as they finish burning them to DVD’s which I’ll give to my Mom, Sisters, Daughter and other family members. I’m not sure but I may work with my sisters then to put the originals in safe deposit.

Scan Cafe, did some correction and restoration work and would have done more. I ended up keeping 1700+ of the scans and you only pay for those. It has been a very easy and efficient and quality experience.Reyn's Neptune

During a recent trip back to the Pacific Northwest, I dug out another 500+ and sent them for scanning. Scan Cafe sends you mailing labels once you make an order and a small deposit based on your estimate of the number and type of images. This time they are all prints.

Nice part is once they are scanned, you can share the link with other members of your family so they can see and enjoy them online while waiting for the DVDs.

I enjoy many of the images for the archeological finds too…like seeing former homes and family automobiles from my youth or my parents and grandparents time…or the mid’70’s 16’ closed cuddy Neptune Sailboat and Fiat 124 Spider shown in this blog from a time when I worked in Spokane (that’s Lake Coeur d’ Alene in Northern Idaho.) I was crazy not to keep those but then again, to me, the photos are priceless.

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