Monday, May 03, 2010

Building Social Business

Christopher Gergen, Durham native and Duke professor is going to speak at Durham Rotary today about social entrepreneurism and a movement he’s started here called Bull City Forward to leverage and deepen Durham’s significant and historical brand leadership in this area.  Yes, his father is David Gergen, also a Durham native and often on national television because he has been a special advisor to four US Presidents and he is a great author.02shelf01-articleInline

I first heard the term used in reference to social capitalists back when Fast Company magazine first began showcasing them and included Self-Help Credit Union here in Durham.  Then DCVB honored many others here in Durham’s Annual Tribute Luncheon last year.

Actually, this year’s luncheon held last week and as reviewed here by Bob Ashley in the Herald Sun, Durham’s hometown newspaper, may be part of this movement as well.

Now Muhammad Yunus, originator of the idea of microcredit has a new book reviewed by Devin Leonard in “Off The Shelf” in the New York Times yesterday.  He sees social business being a core of a new economy on a much, much broader scale.  I haven’t read the book of course but I can already see myself in agreement.

If not as a “it will,” then as a “wouldn’t it be great.”

And no, social in this context as in nearly all other contexts has anything to do with socialism as it is misunderstood, mis-references and demonized so often these days.  Otherwise why are all those traditional banks now chasing after microcredit?

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