Monday, May 17, 2010

Message In A Bottle

I didn’t always feel this way about musicals…ambivalent.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always appreciated much of the music, including Opera arias.  And I was even in Glee Club briefly when some friends and I suddenly realized the Beatles “Till There Was You,” was from The Music Man.

But somewhere along the way, I kept my appreciation for the music lost patience for musicals themselves.

Then, over this past weekend I went to see a young friend perform at a production at Riverside High School.

It was incredible. As I understand, it was created by the students in the three choirs there, including the award winning Sirens.

I mean they selected the songs, created the choreography, wrote the script, built the sets…smallchorus10v4


But the level of talent, passion, engagement and commitment was truly impressive.  And I was very impressed with my young friend who I first met shortly after her birth.  She comes by it honest.  Each of her parents graduated in music from the University of Miami.  But she is not only a wonderful blend of their talents, she expresses them in a way all her own and with the poise of a successful recording artist.

I also continue to be very impressed with Durham Public Schools and very optimistic  about the generations of Americans coming up.

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