Friday, April 30, 2010

Water Restrictions Cause Pipes to Break

My nephew Mark is a water management professional with Marin County CA, out of necessity, light years ahead of others in water conservation.untitled

He mentioned something interesting during a discussion on a recent phone conversation of Durham’s move last year to water restrictions based on odd or even house numbers partly to make it easier for the news media to avoid confusion with other cities in the 22 county viewing/listening area, even though the water systems and supplies vary significantly.

Apparently, restrictions in LA were found last month to have been the cause of a dramatic increase in breaks in Los Angeles water lines.

Funny how water pressure works but it appears Durham’s approach is one the experts are recommending as a solution to LA to minimize the breaks.

Good example though of how complicated it is working with infrastructure and that more than regional politics or making it easy for the news media has to be taken into consideration.

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