Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Durham Doesn’t Need A Lecture!

One of the key characteristics of Durham, surfaced through two years of interviews with both residents and newcomers, scores of focused groups and then confirmed with generalizable survey results from both residents and external audiences is:


But that’s one characteristic hard for many boosters to grasp when they are new to the community, particularly in the wake of achievements like the 4th national title by Duke University’s Men’s Basketball Team.

Some community boosters (and I was in the business for 40 years) initially misinterpret Durham’s unpretentiousness as a lack of pride or self worth and want to lecture the community…


In fact, Durham has a scientifically and very well documented sense of community pride, easily twice the level averaged in other communities.  But it isn’t a jump up and down town, nor does it smash windows and burn vehicles or rub it in the face of others.

But do not, ever mistake the depth of how much this community cares and quietly celebrates its excellence.  And the community wants those messengers who promote it to understand, respect and reflect this value.


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