Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Uh, Duh!

Here is a Raleigh reporter’s take on why Raleigh didn’t rank higher in a ranking of communities for “fun.”

“…the fun rankings didn't take into account, to name just a few, the nationally regarded Durham food scene, Chapel Hill's Ackland Museum of Art, and the Duke and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill men's basketball teams, winners of three of the past six national titles.”Capture

Uh, duh!   It is because those things aren’t in Raleigh or even “Greater Raleigh.”

Fortunately, more and more Raleigh is learning to stand on its own without over-reaching to claim assets in other communities.

And Durham is the beneficiary because the trend is finally revealing to the nation what Durham and the Durham MSA have to offer and that Durham truly is Where Great Things Happen.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing that the media continue to claim Durham's good things for Raleigh while making the most out of any opportunity to slam Durham. Even the national media decided to resurrect the 'Duke Lacrosse Case' when discussing the recent homicide at UVa. sigh...