Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DPS targets low-scoring schools Plan would hold principals, teachers accountable

Only one problem with this headline in the Durham News today.  If that is all the plan holds accountable, it never will be successful.  Communities need to also hold “parents” or extended family (if they are the caretakers) accountable.

But I rarely hear state or local officials or judges or anyone else zero in on parental responsibility for student performance.Capture

In fact, school performance is predominantly about family.  If this is too hard on single parents, then lets talk about getting them resources, not just schools and teachers.

Unfortunately, family make up is often used to let people off the hook.  And it is not about the quantity of time anyway but the quality…reading with pre-schoolers, setting expectations for school age children, communicating with teachers and standing behind them, keeping up with homework assignments.

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