Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sojern Obviously Cares!

I blogged yesterday about a flaw in the database many airlines use to print information about weather, restaurants, attractions on your boarding pass, at least the ones when you check-in online.picture-331

I filed a concern online with SOJERN about the misleading and mis-identified info appearing on RDU bound boarding passes and first thing this morning,  I received the personal response below from Katie Burton at the company.

Hopefully others at SOJERN listen to Ms. Burton and information on RDU boarding passes (as well as other airports serving polycentric areas with no dominant center, e.g. Seattle-Tacoma Intl, Minneapolis-St Paul Intl, Dallas-For Worth Intl, Bloomington-Normal etc.

Currently the info on the passes is just lumped as though the first city in the airport name is the location of the airport, the final destination for each traveler and equidistant to other destinations.  That certainly isn’t the case for Raleigh-Durham Intl. which is located midway between two metro areas and where only 3% of travelers to either overlap a visit to both on the same trip.

It sure would greatly improve the traveler experience, not to mention garner a lot of goodwill by being much more respectful of community brands.

Kudos for Sojern for caring.


From: Katie Burton
Date: April 29, 2010 11:07:33 AM EDT
Subject: RE: Contact Form - General Feedback

Dear Mr. Bowman,

I want you to know that we truly appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback.  Sojern  recently partnered with the airlines in an effort to enhance the traveler experience.

We are welcoming all feedback in an attempt to continually improve this experience for everyone traveling.  Your feedback on our content in the RDU area brings up a very good point.  I have forwarded your feedback to our content team to review and make enhancements where needed. 

Please feel free to continue to provide us with any other feedback and ways we can improve this experience for you.

Katie  Burton

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