Monday, April 05, 2010

Coach K As A Person and A Coach – He’s all He Appears to Be!

As I waited in line at Waffle House in Asheboro during a quick motorcycle trip on Friday, a guy a few years older than me and retired from Sara Lee, asked if I’d like to share a booth.  He had kindly watched my helmet while I washed up.

I had barely sat down when the subject turned to basketball.  He was a UNC-Chapel Hill fan and I a Duke fan.  He immediately volunteered that he just doesn’t like the Duke coach.  He also explained that he doesn’t know Coach K but he didn’t volunteer the reason for his dislike.mike_krzyzewski_-_basketball_coach

Could be it is because Coach K is articulate, that he has expertise and experience beyond coaching, that he wins, graduates student athletes and has a great family.

Now, I know Coach K personally, I live in Durham, I’m a Duke fan so this opinion is hardly objective.  But as I wait the last few minutes before National Championship game, I have to express this.

Coach K is all he seems to be.  But what you may not know is how approachable, how almost shy and how very “real” and down to earth he is.  He is always surrounded by people and he has little privacy.  But he always has time for people and if he knows you, he never misses an opportunity to call to you across the room.

He is incredibly intense, very dedicated to his family, professionally ver flexible and innovative and yes, a great person.

Even if he didn’t have three national championships, even if he doesn’t win his fourth tonight, he is perfect for Duke, perfect for Durham and a credit to college basketball…

And I’m proud and privileged to know him and to be his friend.

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