Saturday, April 17, 2010

“THE DOG” Makes Durham, Durham!

The “Dog” as it is affectionately known is only one of a dozen performance theaters in Durham.header_left

But as Randy Cohen, VP of Local Arts Development for Americans for the Arts recently observed, a destination community makes a big mistake if it focuses only on the mainstream facilities that make it similar to other places and overlooks the unusual venues and performances that give it unique character and texture.

To me, Manbites Dog Theater gives Durham character and beginning a couples of night ago and running through May 1st, “The Dog in its 23rd season premiers “Oldest Living Confederate Widow-Her Confession” an adaptation by the author, Alan Gurganus of the best-seller along with Jane Holding.

Manbites Dog is a small performance theater on the edge of Downtown Durham’s Central Park District but it is also a professional, non-profit, theater company.

It is good for a destination like Durham to have both mainstream and unique cultural offerings but lets always remember how crucial it is to cultivate and support the unique.

After all, when the “Boss” was in town this weekend to show his teenage daughter Duke University and surprise Roseanne Cash on stage at Page Auditorium concert for their hit duet, where did he head?….right to the Ninth Street District, another not-so-slick” ingredient that gives Durham its character.

And believe me, Bruce Springsteen knows a thing or two about genuine and authentic.  And for big-time,a little thing called “Wicked” will kick off at the Durham Performing Arts Center next week.

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