Sunday, April 11, 2010


How soon we forget that we’re all immigrants to this land, including many Native Americans if the theory’s on the land bridge from Asia are correct.

So how is it such a significant number of us have absolutely no empathy, let alone historical perspective about immigration.  It isn’t just now that we’re populous.  People began trying to slam the door shut, shortly after the first settlers landed.

Most of my family on both sides came here in the early 1600’s.  Some came in the antebellum period, after Independence but before the great War Between the States.dance2

Nearly all faced little or no restrictions and I’m grateful, both for them and for all of my ancestors since.  I believe they’ve all contributed in ways large and small to making this nation great, and some laid down their lives.

It gives me shivers as it did during a quick trip to Asheville for meetings last week to hear some very good people, arrogantly proclaim a hardened opposition to immigration.  I don’t know their ancestry but I dare say, their forefathers probably wouldn’t have made it into this country if the current day opinions had prevailed.

I also don’t think most have that perspective.  It is either a knee jerk or ideological, not logical for them.

Personally I think it is impractical if not immoral to try to restrict all immigration.  By doing so we fail to focus on what should be some very good but highly selective restrictions, e.g. terrorists and other criminal minds etc.

Immigrants, both through the front door and the back door have made this country what it is…Great.  So let’s get off the high and mighty soap box and view them as though they were our ancestors…and put our energy into restrictions that make sense.

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